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What to Consider When Buying Green Coffee Beans

The only universal fact about coffee beans is that they are far from the same. Colombian, washed, Bourbon – there are tons out there, and each one affects taste and how they should be roasted.

Here are things you should consider when buying green coffee beans:

Place of Origin

All coffee’s flavor and aroma are influenced by climate, soil, humidity and other natural factors. Begin by trying coffee from various areas of the globe before zeroing in on the farms in which they were grown.


The specie and variety of coffee has a dramatic effect on green coffee after it’s brewed. An SL-28 is going to taste completely unique from a Gesha.


In general, higher altitudes have colder temperatures. This decreases the speed of coffee growth too, thereby giving the sugars more opportunity to develop. As an outcome, it acquires a sweet and generally more complex taste, besides becoming more acidic as opposed to coffee bred in warmer areas. When you consider altitude, keep in mind that different regions have varying temperatures.


In simple terms, processing is the manner in which the seeds are taken out of the coffee fruit. In dry or natural processing, the whole cherry must be dried prior to the removal of the outer fruit, which makes it sweeter and fruitier. On the other hand, wet or washed coffees have been pulled out of the fruit before drying, making them less sweet but certainly cleaner with higher acidity. The fruit is skinned in honey processing, but a little mucilage is left around the beans as it dries, creating a sweeter, fuller flavor compared to washed coffee. Other processing types include experimental, wet-hulled and monsooned, all of which are specific to an area or farm.

Practical Points to Remember

There are several suppliers of green coffee on the Internet, and they ship to practically every part of the world today. But just before you place an order, consider cost and availability, along with other basic points. For instance, certain green coffee beans may be available only on particular periods of the year. Being an agricultural product, you need to wait for harvest season, which varies from country to country. And as expected, freshness makes a huge difference. You wouldn’t want coffee that’s at least a year old.

As well, some coffees may be insanely expensive as a daily beverage. And keep in mind that with some suppliers, only bulk purchases are allowed. Don’t buy an amount that you do not have enough storage room for or that which you cannot consume before it loses its quality.

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